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Hello Kitty IS a Cat or How Whiskers Don’t Grow on Little Girls

Earlier this week, the world plunged into utter and complete chaos when the news broke that Hello Kitty was not a cat, but a British little girl living in London with her family, friends, and even..
Reported by Softpedia 19 minutes ago
32 minutes ago

Revealed: How 'drunk' crime scene detective derailed £100million 'axe in the head' case as it emerges secret police files on brutal murder of private eye slammed 'pathetic' probe 

Daniel Morgan was axed in the head outside a London pub in March 1987 The private detective had £1,100 cash in his pocket which was notAlso reported by •MailOnline
41 minutes ago

Will the north follow Scotland and search for greater power?

Leaders of northern England's great cities want £15bn to build a powerhouse to match London. To do that, they need more power. The devolution genie is out of the bottle. The most remarkable thing..
1 hour ago

Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage: their wit and wisdom

Foot is rarely far from mouth where the London mayor and the leader of Ukip are concerned. As the pair announce plans to stand for parliament, we dip into their verbal back catalogue Boris Johnson,..
1 hour ago

Clare Smyth: queen of cuisine steps out of the shadows

The first and only woman to run a UK restaurant with three Michelin stars, Gordon Ramsay's protege is not yet a household name. But all that will change now she has won The Good Food Guide's ultimate..

1 hour ago

Meet the king of car customisation - Afzal Kahn

Businessman and designer Afzal Kahn has a canny eye for an emerging trend, as his latest venture proves At first glance, A Kahn Design’s central Bradford HQ looks like any heavily glazed..
1 hour ago

On my radar: John Lanchester's cultural highlights

The author and journalist on Dylan's mature marvels, the riches of Proust and the complex ethics of Red Dead Redemption Journalist and author John Lanchester was born in Hamburg in 1962, grew up in..
1 hour ago

She's dark, sarcastic, and bashes life in Nowheresville ... so how did Kacey Musgraves become country music's hottest new star?

The girl from Nowheresville, Texas, has the crowd in a tizzy. "London! You are mental! In the very best way," twangs tiny Kacey Musgraves from centre stage. With two Grammys for her first album under..

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